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Traveling During a Pandemic

If you look at our YouTube channel you will see a video recap of our trip to Oregon via Motorhome. We were gone for about two weeks and drove from Salt Lake up to Astoria, OR and then up to Gig Harbor, WA (just outside of Seattle).

We took this trip right at the end of July 2020 and into August; right in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. We had no idea what to expect traveling from state to state but felt like a motorhome was the way to go in this scenario; worst-case we always had somewhere to eat/sleep and because it could move we could book it home at any time.

We were supposed to go to Cabo with the Gentner family in July and due to all of this couldn't go on that trip so we wanted to take the kids and go do something.

So what was it like?

Honestly, it was not bad at all. Of course, most places we went required masks, which we appreciated and some of the things we would normally have done were not open (i.e. Museums, Aquariums, etc.) Overall the experience was awesome and well worth it. I have listed some of the things to note if you are thinking of traveling right now.

-Bring multiple masks for everyone - they will get dirty, lost, ripped, etc.

-Many attractions are not open

-Many activities are by appointment only; research these ahead of time in case you need to book them in advance

-Attractions that are open are limiting capacity so the lines were often very long; especially on weekends

-Restaurants are limiting their capacity so the wait times are often longer (and can be extremely long on busy nights/days)

-Many of the fast food restaurants had drive-throughs open but not the lobby. This is fine if you are just in a normal car, but in a class A motorhome, towing a Jeep it was an issue! Plan ahead if you can't use a drive-through.

Overall, I would say most the places we went to are doing everything they can to keep people safe, but still provide excellent service. The trip was just what we needed and well worth it!

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