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My Journey on the Keto Diet

Growing up I was a scrawny kid. I weighed pretty much the same basically from about 8th grade until I was at least 20. I could and did eat whatever I want. I shudder these days thinking about the diet Pepsi and Skittles that I ate almost daily for my high school lunch!

As I got older, as most of us do, I started to live a more sedentary lifestyle but didn't change my eating habits. Slowly I gained quite a bit of weight and didn't even realize it. I've tried exercise and found I just really don't like it! I try, but a regular workout plan is just not for me.

There are only two sides to this equation; calories in or calories out... and I know I don't really like the calories out side!

Over the past several years we have tried all sorts of diets, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Whole 30, and Keto. Most of them work in some way or another but I have only found one diet that I have been able to lose weight, sustain over a long period, and makes me feel good.

I have been doing some for of "Keto" or low carb now for almost three years and I love it. I lost about 30 pounds or so on Keto diet and have kept it off.

I don't live it extremely religiously but for sure stay away from refined sugar and wheat. On occasion, I will eat some corn or potatoes (french fries are my Achilles heel). Over time I have learned what will push me over the edge and out of ketosis so I just balance how many carbs I am eating.

I still eat a fruit and veggies as much as I can. Obviously, fruit is high in carbs, but I personally feel the benefits of fruit outweigh the extra carbs (note, this is whole, fresh fruit... not blended in a smoothie, not dried, etc.)

I can't say this diet is for everyone. What we eat is such a huge part of our lives that this has to be a personal choice. It's about trying different things and seeing what works best for you.

Eating fewer carbs has increased my energy, lowered my BMI, and I enjoy it. I love finding new recipes and variations on foods I love.

Through this blog I will share more about my journey living a low carb lifestyle (watch for the holiday posts coming up!)

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